Home Décor Ideas to Prepare Your Space for Summer


The approaching summer brings a vibrant energy that is contagious. There’s excitement in the air as the days get longer and we feel the warm sun on our skin. With events popping up all over the island, it’s easy to fill up your social calendar to the brim. Therefore, it is even more important that your living space evokes a sense of tranquillity. These home décor ideas can help you transform your space with just a few adjustments.

Let’s get straight into our top 10 summer home décor ideas:

1. Declutter your space: 

Is summer decluttering the new spring cleaning? Organising your space goes beyond storing away your winter clothes until next year. Remove unnecessary items, tidy up your shelves, and create a sense of openness and simplicity. Use woven baskets or decorative storage boxes to keep blankets and other essentials neatly tucked away. Establishing a clean canvas makes redecorating a breeze.

2. Go lighter and brighter: 

As the sun gets brighter, opt for a light colour palette. Replace dark carpets, bed sheets, and sofa throws with lighter shades. Choose pastels, whites, and soft hues to create an airy and breezy feel that reflects the joyful summer spirit. Mix and match varying shades of the same colour for a monochromatic elegant vibe.

3. Add pops of colour: 

Introduce bright and bold accents throughout your space to keep your home warm and inviting. Swap out neutral accessories with bold and colourful ones, like bright cushions, artwork, or vases, to instantly liven up your room. Consider incorporating turquoise, coral, and yellow shades to evoke the island’s coastal charm and warm climate.

4. Create a coastal vibe: 

For those seeking to be transported to a summer paradise, consider choosing a seaside-inspired theme. Use nautical patterns, such as stripes or anchors, in your throw pillows or bedding. Hang up beach-themed artwork or decorate with some seashells for the final touch. 

5. Welcome the sunlight: 

If there’s something that Malta provides in abundance, it is undoubtedly sunlight. Remove heavy curtains and let the natural light peek through the blinds. Instead, use sheer or lightweight curtains to add privacy while still allowing sunlight to filter through. This creates a bright and airy space that mirrors the island’s radiant ambience.

6. Upgrade your dining area: 

Set a summery table by using colourful and patterned tablecloths, napkins, or placemats. Just be careful not to overdo it – Choose only one item to update and keep the rest minimal. Consider incorporating traditional patterns or motifs to celebrate the local culture. Perhaps a terrazzo tablecloth or ceramic dinnerware inspired by Maltese tiles?

7. Roll away the heavy carpet: 

As we switch to lighter clothes, our home should also shed heavy accessories. Replace heavy winter carpets with lightweight, natural fibre options like jute or sisal rugs. These add texture to your space while keeping it light and airy.

8. Embrace natural beauty: 

Get inspired by the island’s stunning landscapes and incorporate natural elements into your décor. Add a hint of Mediterranean charm with fresh flowers in colourful vases, such as bougainvillaea or sunflowers. Alternatively, for something more long-lasting, place potted plants around your home. Grow some fragrant herbs or go for vibrant succulents if you’re looking for a low-maintenance option.

9. Think of the little details: 

It’s the combination of accessories that will truly bring out the summery vibe in your home so don’t forget to decorate your surfaces. Hang up woven tapestries or macramé wall hangings on your walls. Look for sculptures or figurines depicting beach-related elements such as seagulls, starfish, sailboats, or lighthouses for your shelves or coffee tables.

10. Consider your outdoor area: 

Finally, don’t forget about sprucing up your outdoor space and relishing the summer weather. Arrange comfortable seating such as rattan or wicker furniture or bean bag chairs. Accessorise with outdoor cushions and throws in vibrant colours and patterns. Create a magical ambience for evenings spent under the stars by hanging string lights or lanterns.

Remember, the goal is to create a refreshing and inviting space that reflects the spirit of summer. Ultimately, it also needs to reflect your style and what summer means to you. Incorporate only the home décor ideas that make you feel relaxed and connected to the season.

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