About Malta

The beating heart of the Mediterranean

Malta finds itself right at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea where the sun shines for over 300 days a year. It’s no wonder that many favour it as a holiday destination at any time of year, with more and more expats looking to build a life here and bask in the island lifestyle.

There’s always something to do and places to explore, whether it’s hiking across vast shrubbery overlooking majestic views or partying through the night at a discotheque.

So, what is it like living in Malta? Let’s dive in.


A culture with multiple layers


Despite being renowned for its small size, Malta has a rich history of colonisation that’s shaped its culture, including its language. The mother tongue is Maltese, a Semitic concoction of Arabic, Italian, French as well as English which is the second official language commonly used by most of the population. This is ideal for expats living in Malta as they can easily communicate in English.

Such diversity can also be noted in its cuisine that’s inspired by Mediterranean tastes combined with Maltese delicacies produced locally using ingredients grown in its vast countryside. Nothing like enjoying a glass of local wine over some freshly caught seafood or Malta’s signature rabbit stew.

Architecture that tells a story

A casual stroll down the street of a Maltese city can quickly turn into a history lesson in itself with grandiose barracks encapsulating magnificent stone structures like none other in the world.

Most striking of all being the capital city Valletta adorned with vernacular Maltese balconies which the community continuously uses as a source of inspiration for personal projects. The city of Mdina, on the other hand, is a Gothic, Baroque masterpiece representing its time as the capital in the Middle Ages.


The Maltese Archipelago


Of course, one cannot live in Malta without visiting its sister islands Gozo and Comino. With less than 40,000 people living on the island, Gozo is certainly quieter than Malta, serving as a vacation destination for many Maltese who seek its verdant countryside.

It is also the place that originated the cheeselet, referred to as ġbejna by the locals who use it in all of their cooking. Comino is the smallest of all the isles. It’s quite a favourite among tourists as well as locals who look to explore the crystal clear waters of the Blue Lagoon.

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