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The demand for garages in Malta is soaring, driven by the growing number of vehicles on the islands and the desire to shield cars from the elements. Stand-alone garages are particularly sought after, serving as versatile spaces for both vehicle storage and accommodating various storage needs.

Our list of garages for sale in Malta includes parking spaces and one-car garages starting from €28,000. The garages available currently are located in Qawra, as part of the Mulberry Park development.

All common areas are finished with sensor lights and the main gate can be operated by a remote control. The garages are finished including an up-and-over door.

Why should you own a garage in Malta?

Amidst Malta’s growing population and the increasing number of vehicles per household, owning a garage in Malta has evolved from being a luxury to becoming a necessity.

1) Malta’s climate, with its intense sun and occasional heavy rains, can be tough on vehicles. A garage shields your car from these elements, extending its life and keeping it comfortable.

2) Finding parking in the crowded streets is a daily challenge. With your garage, you always have a hassle-free, reserved spot waiting for you.

3) Protecting your valuable investment is vital. A garage adds security, reducing the risk of theft or damage, and providing peace of mind.

4) Modern homes often lack storage space. A garage not only safeguards your car but also frees up space in your home for items like seasonal decorations or camping gear.

5) With the high demand for parking in Malta, owning a garage is a smart investment. Its value can appreciate over time, offering rental income or a profitable sale.

If you’re interested, browse our garages for sale in Malta or reach out to our team to help you out at +356 2327 1000.

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