How To Live Sustainably in 2023


Every day we make choices that affect the environment and its inhabitants. From the clothes on our back and the food we eat to how we travel to work, every decision we make impacts the planet. The current generations are the most environmentally conscious in history, but there’s still much more to be done to live sustainably.

Is sustainable living possible?

Sustainable living is certainly possible and there are people who are going zero waste. However for some that is too extreme and living sustainably doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the small daily pleasures ever again. Rather, it involves thinking a little more about the food, drink and energy we consume, how we travel and whether we’re able to replace the resources we deplete.

If you’re wondering how to live a more sustainable lifestyle, we’ve put together a list of some easy ways to make responsible choices every day.

Meatless mondays

Whilst it would be beneficial to the planet and everyone included to go vegan, however it isn’t a realistic goal for everyone. Therefore, starting small with incorporating meatless mondays is the way to go, and hopefully you may start to incorporate more meatless meals throughout the week too. The climate impact of consuming meat is equivalent to all the vehicles on the globe. Also, another tip is to consider buying local meat from small farmers, as their meat is often produced more sustainably.

Switch out single use items

It’s time to swap your single use items to ones that are reusable. Single use items that need to get the chop are items such as make-up wipes, paper towels, cotton buds, shavers, toothbrushes, plastic bags, containers and bottles and much more. Although in some cases the initial cost is more expensive, the expense outweighs the cost on the environment.

Get better at recycling

It’s not hard to implement better recycling practices, especially within your own household. Create space for separate bins to make the process easier. It’s become even more incentivised to recycle in Malta with the implementation of the BCRS system which promotes the recycling of single use beverage containers by applying a refundable deposit on the sales of beverages. Consumers can recoup their deposits by returning the empty beverage container to an approved redemption location.

Start growing your veggies & composting

Whether it’s a collection of herb plants or a full blown vegetable garden, opt to make the new year the year to start growing your own vegetables. Opting to do so will not only reduce the amount spent at the supermarket but also may provide a sense of fulfilment with learning these new skills, watching your vegetables grow and making meals from fruits of your labour. 

Eat local & seasonal

Shop at your local farmers market and learn what vegetables are in season and plan meals around those. Shopping local helps support your local economy whilst eating seasonally reduces food waste and helps you live sustainably.

Switch to natural products

Whether it’s related to your personal hygiene or that of your home, consider swapping out your store bought dishwasher, washing machine and washing up liquid to a more natural alternative. Also, consider using soap, shampoo and conditioner bars. If you don’t like the idea of a bar, look for zero-waste liquid soap alternatives.

Save Energy

The final step to live sustainably also helps with saving on your home bills. This could be as simple as making a mental note to switch off the lights when leaving a room and unplugging electronics when they aren’t in use to switching to energy efficient light bulbs throughout your home. 

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Closing thoughts

Making small daily changes and turning them into habits will have a beneficial impact on living a more sustainable lifestyle. If you need help finding the home, contact us today!