Household Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Home Looking Its Best


Maintaining a consistently clean and tidy home can sometimes feel like a losing battle. Between work, family, and life’s daily demands, it’s tough to find time for deep cleaning sessions every day. However, a few clever household tips and habits can make a world of difference and keep your home looking its best.

Decluttering Made Easy

  • The 5-Minute Fix: If a tidying task takes less than 5 minutes, tackle it on the spot. This prevents small tasks from piling up into overwhelming messes.
  • Put It Back, Now: Make it a habit to immediately return items to their designated places rather than creating temporary “maybe later” piles.

Streamline Your Kitchen Routine

  • Skip the Pre-Rinse: Modern dishwashers are incredibly efficient. Trust in their cleaning power and save yourself time and effort by skipping unnecessary rinsing.
  • Under-Cabinet Lighting Upgrade: Brighter workspaces make spotting dirt and spills easier, so consider adding under-cabinet lighting for a cleaning boost.

Smart Bedroom Solutions

  • Vertical Closet Thinking: Maximise your closet’s potential by doubling up hanging space with closet rod extenders.
  • Over-the-Door Organisers: Repurpose these handy organisers for storing everything from toys to accessories, freeing up valuable drawer and shelf space.

Don’t Overlook These Areas

  • Disinfect High-Touch Surfaces: Doorknobs and handles are germ hotspots. Give them a regular wipe-down with disinfectant for a healthier home.
  • Quick Bathroom Cleans: Prevent messy buildup with a daily countertop and sink wipe down.
  • Let Your Light Shine: Clean light bulbs and fixtures brighten your space instantly and make your home look cleaner overall.

Consistency is Key

Incorporating these simple tips into your daily routine will make maintaining a clean and welcoming home remarkably easier. Less time spent on major cleaning sessions means more time spent enjoying your space! If you’re searching for a spacious, modern property to call your own, Gap Homes offers a range of stunning options. Head over to the link to see our Current Developments or Contact us today to schedule a viewing and discover the possibilities.