Decoration Ideas for the Festive Season


As most would agree, December is the most magical time of the year. Decorating for the holidays is a very personal and family oriented activity for most. Surrounding yourself with sentimental ornaments that have been passed down for generations as well as partaking in festive activities which have been a tradition for years is the norm during this period. We have compiled some decoration ideas to make your home feel festive whilst also being stylish.

Each Christmas is different, but each Christmas is the same. Every holiday, families haul out their boxes from storage and begin to decorate their homes for the festive season. Michael Buble streams from the speakers, the smell of hot cocoa fills the air, the soft flickering of festive candles warms households. 

These holiday habits happen every year. There’s comfort in these actions, there’s familiarity in the tradition, there’s connection in our collective joyous spirit. Once the trees are decorated, you’ve officially begun the rituals of Christmas – baking cookies, hanging stockings, painting new ornaments. Now the rest will fall into place. 

An appreciation of the hidden power of holiday habits.

Topsy Turvy Palette

Opting to fill your home with white ornaments is de rigueur at this time of the year. Whilst, it’s good to follow tradition, why not up the ante and opt for a darker palette? If done right darker hues can give a sense of nostalgia and warmth. Black trees have become more and more fashionable, opting for them can really make a statement in your home. However, if you’d rather play it safe, use gold tree ornaments and warm toned lighting whilst adding richer toned colours of dark greens and reds. 

Try on Some Tassel

To spread the cheer throughout your home, consider hanging on-theme tassels from your Christmas tree as well as adorning your doors, desk, or chest of drawers can be a finishing touch that is also budget-friendly. 

Add Some Sparkle 

It’s Christmas, so literally anything and everything can get away with having some extra sparkle. See ya later, singing Santas. Today’s Christmas decor is downright chic. Look for bright, shiny and glittery accents. 

Pretty Poinsettias

If you’re at a loss about how to add some Christmas cheer to your space, add a poinsettia or two! The use of Poinsettia as a Christmas decoration can be traced back to at least the sixteenth-century. The leaf pattern is similar to that of a star, making it ideal to incorporate the crimson plant into your Christmas celebration decorations, such as on your tablescape

Make it merry

Holiday decor doesn’t have to break the bank. A great way to have a more budget and eco-friendly christmas is to use brown paper wrapping. Not only is it more cost effective it also looks tidier under the tree. You can make a lot of gorgeous pieces with craft supplies and a little elbow grease. This can also be a fun activity to do with your children. 

We suggest moderate the use of plastic and synthetic materials in order to avoid your home turning tacky as well as to keep your environmental burden to a minimum. An easy way to avoid this is to incorporate a mix of natural materials such as wooden or paper ornaments and decorations. 

Takeaway Tips

As mentioned previously, decorating your home for Christmas is a very personal tradition, one that can evoke nostalgia. However, it takes a certain kind of courage to break away from tradition and find new avenues to explore. 

If you are feeling stuck in your current home and have fantasies about decorating your dream home for the holiday season, speak to one us at GAP Homes to start the process of securing your dream home.