8 Ideas To Decorate Your Home For Halloween


It’s hard to overdo Halloween, you could argue that the more decorations you have, the more protection from evil spirits, tricksters – on All Hallow’s eve.

Whether you’re into natural cornstalks and scarecrows, smiling goblins or ghoulish zombies, Halloween offers an opportunity to pull out all the decorating stops!

Some prefer to decorate for Christmas, others go all out for Halloween. If you sway on the spooky side these tips will help make your house extra fun and spooky!

Here are eight ways to decorate your home for halloween

1. Back to Basics

One of the most basic things you can do when decorating your home for Halloween is decorate your home with artificial spiders and cobwebs. Even if you don’t love the holiday it’s nice to make an effort and get on the bandwagon with adding these simple touches to your home.

2. Harrowing Haunted House

The door and windows are the eyes and mouth of your home’s Halloween soul, so you should make the most of them. Therefore, you should make the most of this and adorn them with decorations. Adding just a few ghoulish touches to your front door and windows will make your house look haunted. For example, propping up scraps of wood across the windows to create a boarded up effect or applying broken glass stickers to windows.

3. Light Up Your Home

Your lights will help set the eerie ambiance for your home, so you should make the most of the lights you have while keeping the house looking fairly dim, so that something spooky could pop up at any time. If it’s too bright in your home, you won’t have enough room for mystery. One example of having the perfect Halloween lights is adding flickering electric candles in the windows.

4. Create a Harvest Haven

Halloween would not be the same without pumpkins, so you should use your pumpkin decorations to your advantage. You don’t have to overdo it with the pumpkins, but thinking of clever ways to introduce more pumpkins into your decor will make your home boo-tiful.

5. Guts & Gore

Add a few specimen jars around your home. Take some big glass jars, fill them with water, and throw in a drop of green dye until water is a nice, gross green hue. Put the jars on display in your kitchen under some lights or in another part of your home where they can be prominently displayed.

6. Transform Your Terrace into a Graveyard

If you’re into the creepy-crawliest holiday of the year, then odds are you’re probably already putting together the outside Halloween decorations for your annual display.

7. Bake Something Spooky

Kick up the fear factor of your Halloween party dessert spread with mummy pops, Dracula dentures, bat truffles, and more. Whether you’re into spooky, silly, or a delicious mix of both, there’s a scare level—and dessert preference—for everyone.

8. Don’t be Afraid to DIY

Golojuch likes to make his own decorations with building supplies like foam and erosion cloth. But if you’re not ready to bring out the power tools, there are some easy things you can do to enhance your display, such as adding clothing or touches of paint to make a plastic skeleton look more authentic.


If we haven’t scared you off yet and you’ve managed to make to the end of this article, we’d like to let you know that we not only can provide way on how to decorate your home but our experts can also guide you on finding your next home. Take a look at our current developments here and if you’d like to contact us feel free to do so.