8 Factors To Consider When Buying a Garage in Malta


With the increasing population and the number of vehicles on the road, finding parking has become a big problem. Owning a garage in Malta has become a necessity rather than a fancy add-on. The reasons include having a space to park your car and keep it protected, having extra storage, or even as an investment. However, there are a few important things to think about before you decide. In this article, we’ll explore eight things you should consider when buying a garage in Malta.

1. Location, Location

Just like how you’d kick off your house-hunting adventure by seeking the perfect location, it’s a similar story when you’re on the garage hunt – location is the real star of the show. Think about how close the garage is to your home or other properties you have.

2. Size and Space

How large is the garage, and how many cars do you want to fit in it? Do you also want space to store your things? A larger garage might be more spacious but it will also cost more. Make sure the garage you’re after suits your needs and your budget.

3. Safety and Security

Safety is important when it comes to your garage. Take a peek at the garage’s features such as lights and locks. Security also matters. A fortress-like garage will have you more at ease, especially if you’re safeguarding a beloved expensive car inside.

4. Legal Requirements

There are some rules to navigate when buying a garage, like permits and zoning. It’s crucial to ensure that the garage you’re interested in abides by these rules. It’s always best to speak to a legal expert to make sure you’re on the right track.

5. Maintenance Costs

Buying the garage is not the only cost you will face when making this decision; you also need to think about the upkeep. Whether this is fixing things or cleaning, there might be shared expenses in shared spaces. Consider this when planning your budget.

6. Investment Potential

While your garage purchase might be all about fulfilling your personal needs, it’s savvy to have an eye on its future worth. Malta’s limited space means that most property types tend to appreciate over time, making them valuable assets.

7. Accessibility 

Evaluate the garage’s user-friendliness with a keen eye to ensure no accidents occur. Smooth and effortless entry and exit are paramount, especially if you plan to be a frequent visitor. Keep a sharp lookout for any potential obstacles that could dent your precious car while using your garage.

8. Customisability 

Look beyond the price and consider how adaptable the garage is to your needs. Is there room for customisation to make it work better for you? Buying a garage that offers versatility is a smart move. Whether you envision it as a workshop or additional storage space, explore the potential for adjustments. 

Buying a garage isn’t something you do on a whim. These pointers are here to help you mull over the various factors that could sway your decision. Think about your top must-haves and the things that would be nice but aren’t deal-breakers. Keep these in the back of your mind as you check out your options, so you can pick a garage that’ll stick with you for the long haul. Happy garage hunting!

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