5 Ways To Get Your Home Ready for Autumn


As summer’s end is fast approaching, even though we don’t want it to, it’s best to be prepared for the autumn season. After weeks of sunshine and throwing open the windows every morning it’s suddenly time to bring in the garden cushions and batten down the hatches.

A little preparation now can help to prevent extreme weather causing damage to your property, and may even result in your house being even cosier as the mercury starts to fall. We at GAP Homes have put together a list of five things to get in order before the season starts. 

Our 5 simple steps will help get your home in the best shape possible. 

1. Get Your Geezer Checked

The last thing you’d want when the cold weather arrives is for your geezer to stop working, leaving you without warm water. Whether it’s a full service or an inspection by a hired professional, it’s imperative that you get your geezer checked ahead of winter to stop any potential problems in their tracks.

2. Complete Pending Jobs Whilst the Sun is Shining 

This autumn will be harder than any other due to the cost of living crisis. Getting your home ready for winter could save you money in the long run. Harsh weather conditions in autumn and winter can cause small niggles to become bigger issues, so think about repairing damaged, broken or cracked items before the season starts.

3. Prepare Your Terrace

As sitting outside becomes less appealing, it can become easy to forget about your terrace and/or garden. Now’s the time to buy those waterproof covers that you’ve been putting off for the whole of the summer. Alternatively, it’s time to store away your furniture in order to protect it from the harsh winter season so it’s in good condition for the following summer. 

It’s also important to take stock of your plants and see if they need tending to, such as bushes that have overgrown over the summer and need to be trimmed. Whilst you’re outside, look for other potential issues which you may have overlooked.

4. Insulate Your Home

Look for holes or cracks in walls and around doors and windows, where the wind or water could come in during the winter. To find gaps around your windows and doors, first close them and then slowly move a lit stick of incense or a candle around the edges. If the smoke or flame flutters, you’ve got a gap and need to seal it. There’s nothing worse than a draughty home and dealing with them now will help save money in the long term and make you more comfortable in your home. 

5. Refresh Your Home

Deep clean, declutter and streamline your main living spaces. Accent your home with autumnal decor by adding cushions, throws and even maybe a new bedspread. Swap out your summer scents for cosier autumnal odours.

In a nutshell

Whilst there may seem like a lot that you need to do in the run up to autumn, in truth many of these tasks only take a few minutes to complete and some are even a nice way to enjoy the last of the summer weather outdoors. Autumn may seem like a long way off, however, in reality, it’s only just around the corner. Therefore, by staying on top of things and preparing your home and terrace for the season you can save money and make your life much easier.

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